About Us

The faces behind the brand 

Hi 👋 we are Kat & Tish, & the co-owners of Hillson Apparel.

We are mothers to 2 children each under 4.

We love spending our days finding new places to adventure to whether that being at the beach, playing at a park, finding a creek for a dip or out for a fish with the Family.

We started our journey last year to create shirts that we could have our kids in for an extended period that were sun safe but also lightweight, comfortable and cool to allow for our hot North QLD weather.

We also wanted shirts that could be worn to any event so something pretty and not covered in fish! We also had trouble finding these shirts in smaller sizing as they all seemed to start from size 4 up.

So, we did what sleep deprived busy mums do best, we gave ourselves more to do and Hillson Apparel was born in the hope we could also help other mums in the same situation.

Kat & Tish x